Privacy Policy

Elmhurst College offers graduate programs that are built around your schedule, your priorities, and your aspirations. The personal information we collect from you is encrypted and secure, and will not ever be sold or distributed to anyone else.

Collection and Usage of Personal Information on Elmhurst College School of Professional Studies Landing Pages

The following data usage policy applies to the collection of personal data on all web forms at

  • The collection of this data is to help us connect you with the right people at Elmhurst College to discuss your educational goals.
  • This data is collected by a third party for the exclusive use of Elmhurst College.
  • This data will not be used by the collecting agency, nor sold or distributed to any other third party.
  • All data is collected on an encrypted connection.

For additional information on Elmhurst College data usage and privacy policies please refer to our Policies and Procedures for Students